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I'm a Florida native living, exploring, and flourishing in Atlanta, GA. 

I've worked in publishing, advertising, and tech as a writer, editor, and manager for ~20 years. I got my start at Harcourt School Publishers working with a talented team of textbook editors in the social studies department. After leaving Harcourt, I helped launch Design Trade Magazine, a high-end design magazine based in Boca Raton. As assistant editor of the mag, I oversaw a team of feature editors and creative interns compiling informative features, product/gift guides, and advertorials. 


A couple of years and a few hundred miles later, I joined the team at Paxen Learning where I managed a staff of writers and designers producing GED textbooks and workbooks for the Department of Defense. A few more years and a few more miles later, I packed my things, headed to Georgia, and tried out agency life. I worked at a handful of local agencies, working with and managing creative teams to ensure brand standards, keep clients happy, and build and grow content teams.

After agency life, I made the switch to tech where I've been managing creatives and content creators for 6 years.





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When I'm not working, I'm coming up with fun DIY projects around my home, going to shows, working on my skating skills, trying new recipes, exploring with my dogs, and checking out new, local restaurants and shops with friends.


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" ... Jacqueline’s unmatched combination of blistering speed, meticulous accuracy, and deep understanding of each client’s unique brand voice gave us the edge needed to consistently exceed expectations for our content-driven marketing programs. Jacqueline’s positive attitude and infectious enthusiasm were invaluable to our team, and she was actively involved in the mentoring and coaching of our up-and-coming copywriters. Jacqueline was simply the best editor and editorial “standard-bearer” that I could have asked for, and I will miss working with her. I cannot recommend her strongly enough, and if given the opportunity, I would hire her again in a heartbeat."


– Dave C.

" ... She is ridiculously well-versed in the ins and outs of grammar, sentence structure and takes the time to learn a brand's guidelines down to the smallest rule ... "


– Derek L.

" ... Not only did she show an ability to quickly grasp assignments, but she also showed immense grace under pressure and an incredible willingness to get the job done ... "


– Amy P.

... a masterful editor who understands the precise balance between creativity and clarity. She takes whatever content or copy she's given and makes it accessible to any target audience. Ultra-smart, pleasant and collaborative ... "


– Jeremy W.



" ... She was always a pleasure to work with, not only for her excellent proofreading and writing skills, but for her friendly personality and team-player qualities ... "


– Danny M.

"Jacqueline's positivity, creativity and ability to think outside the box goes unmatched. Her unique ability to juggle high professionalism, while also keeping the workplace fun and airy always brings a smile to those she interacted with. Her attention to detail, extensive knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile made her a joy to have as a teammate."

– Dayna C.

"Jackie is an energetic and fearless leader who cultivates creativity within her team. She has top-notch communication skills and a knack for breaking down complex concepts to make them less daunting. I often went to her with questions ... and she always made herself available." 

– Katherine D.

"...She has lots of ideas, a fantastic eye and is amazing to work with. Her energy is infectious and I appreciate her positive approach and level of professionalism in everything she does."

– Kelly S.

"Jacqueline is the exactly the type of person that any brand or company should be so lucky to have on their team. She not only goes and above and beyond the call of duty of what her role may be (as fluid as it can become), but she offers insight, motivation and encouragement to the team. She's articulate, smart and knowledgeable on a wide variety of subjects which makes her the ideal well-rounded candidate for any position...she's the oil that keeps the wheel turning smoothly."

– Kyle M.

It's rare to encounter a leader who balances an incredible grit with a genuine human touch, and who manages to make tough decisions that may not please everyone but that we’re still willing to accept simply because it comes with her endorsement...the evidence of Jackie's impact can be seen in the team she has built, the award-winning product she oversees, and her unrelenting commitment to our customers... Under her leadership, she's maintained an industry-leading self-serve rate and innovated new ways to serve our customers, by empowering her team to be bold in their roles and in growing into new skills...Her decisiveness in finding solutions, and in finding ways to bring her team along with her, is informed by her deep knowledge of customer education and her many years of experience in leading a team... Jackie is deeply relatable and empathetic. She also believes in the people she's hired. Part of her, and our, success is that when you bring an idea or concern to her, she doesn't just listen. She hears you. And she follows up. And she interrogates the idea if she knows it's not quite there or she thinks it can be even better. This has, without doubt, made me better at my job and has delivered better experiences to our customers.


I have never had a manager or leader that has made me feel so free to challenge myself and to then support me so fully in making the idea a reality. For these reasons and more, Jackie is poised to do great things, and bring an entire team along with her.


– Anna K.

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